Many are touched by the Spirit of God as they walk in the Garden

You can see some testimonies below.

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  Ulrika Myrtner Sjomansvagen, Sweden

I visited the Garden Tomb only last week and was struck by its beauty and serenity.    It was certainly the highlight of the trip.   Thank you for the fine work of keeping this place accessible to visitors. Kind regards

  Carol Wood, California

Our group visited the Garden Tomb last week.   Our experience there was wonderful.   Our guide, …….,  was so good as he gave the message that Our Lord is Risen He is not here!   We so appreciated his boldness in telling the true story of our Lord and keeping to the account found in the Bible.   I only wished we could have stayed longer.   Thank you all for maintaining and caring for such a meaningful place in the Holy Land.    May the Lord continue to bless you all and your ministry there.    

  Stan Tweedle, Scotland

We thank the day you suggested we come out with a view to serving at the Garden Tomb.   It has sort of transformed our lives.   Even now we are working out what to do in preparation for our next time with you.   What must be planned while we are away; a 1001 little to big things to do… busy, busy.   It’s given us a new discipline. Everything done with prayer and in His grace…well mostly!   So we cannot thank our Good Lord enough for pointing us this way… To Him be the Glory.

  Michael Earle, New Zealand

Just like to say it was a wonderful ministry visiting the Garden Tomb and seeing how so many of your colleagues came so far just to be there, make space available to such a variety of overseas groups, while witnessing their faith. The ministry is a real blessing, however tough the employment side of things at times can be! Blessings to you both.

  Mary Brodine

Thanks for taking care of the tomb and for being there. God Bless you.

  Diane Macfarlane, Canada

Thank you, Thank you!!! I visited the Garden Tomb with the Masters College and Seminary a couple of weeks ago and we had communion there. It is my absolute favourite trip in all of Israel! Thank you for keeping the Garden Tomb a Christian spot and not under Islamic hands, God Bless you. I found it powerful, peaceful and serene to be there, thank you.

  Henny Klein Entink-Fikse, the Netherlands

This evening I read an interview with Wilma van de Biesebos in the newspaper...I’m excited...and I like to have contact with Wilma.I hope/think she will remember me.

  Walter Clark, South Africa

It was my privilege to visit your wonderful garden about one week ago. We were given a wonderful introduction to this place that gives one a real sense of peace and tranquillity. I would like to commend our guide as I was accompanied by some of my fellow countrymen who have a very negative view of the British but he impressed them no end and I would like to thank him for this.