Volunteering at the Garden Tomb

Thank you so much for your interest in the Garden Tomb and in our volunteer programme. Let me share with you something about volunteering here.††† We set an exceptionally high standard for our volunteers, suiting the importance of sharing the Gospel with over ¼ million people per year.†† What we seek is fit and active people, who know for sure that it is to the GT that they are called, and not to any of the other wonderful ministries in Israel that also seek volunteers

We can provide you with much more information on what volunteering at GT involves, but essentially you need to be fit and active, able to come for an initial trial period at your own expense, and ideally able to commit to future periods of volunteering in following years. You would need to have excellent references from your current pastor and most recent employer.

So please pray about this.And let’s discuss it more if you feel a strong sense of purpose and calling to explore being here, specifically at the Garden Tomb.†† If you would like to explore volunteering further, please contact us and we will send you some further information. Thank you again for being open to discover the Lordís plan for part of your life.